¿Cuánto cuesta una ilustración?



Es consultable, el precio varía entre 15 USD a 70 Usd


Buenas, tengo una nueva noticia, elaboré una página a base de WIX, para que sea más cómodo ver los nuevos dibujos! 😀

La intención es que la Web sirva de galería y el Blog para matar las dudas!



Hi, I have a new story, create a page based on WIX, to make it easier to see the new pictures! : D
The intention is that the Web serves as a gallery and blog to kill the doubts!

WEB : bratoweb.wix.com/teatroilustraciones



Comisiones echas

What is this drawing?

What is this drawing

ART  DIGITAL (whit Photoshop or SAI)

(3)Comic + Manga
(4) Gore , Horror , etc.
(5)My own designed characters
(6)  I dont work that … Yaoi.
(7)You want something that doesn’t appear in the list?, request me and we will negotiate,
that it is a basic list, then I will enlarge it.
(8) Portraits of famous and stuff.

Attention!!All the works are made to my style (manga comic) for example if you want
to Catwoman  (comic) I will draw it but to my style!!!! (negotiable)

How much does it cost?


be consulted, the price ranges from 15 USD to 70 USD


How do I pay?

PAYPAL: You leave me money in my paypal account, I will I have to move my mail and you follow the steps to complete the payment

CASH: This option is valid only for people living in Argentina (City of Trelew, Rawson, Madryn and Gaiman), I pay cash in person:)

How do I order what I want?

How do I order what I want?

You can contact me via Gmail (Brato.com @ gmail.com) or you can send to my Facebook MP (Brad Lloyd Jones)


In the message I have to send this information THIS IS AN EXAMPLE! :

That’s what I want: 2 characters – full color (Check here if you do not understand)

That should be in the drawing: I want is a couple with a wedding dress blabla Iglecio

Style: Anime-manga

Method of pay: Paypal

Private: Yes (this means that I will not reveal anything about the commission or expose or show)

I’ll answer with confirmasión whether or not I do the drawing (most likely, if) and you pass the data from my paypal account to pay and I realiser comiense to make the illustration / drawing.

PS: I have to pay before you get started drawing!

When I finished the sketch / Sketch (SD) of the original drawing you asked, I will send a confirmasion of whether it is fine as is the drawing or if you want to change before full term.

WARNING: If you leave to answer an average of 2 months, I will leave the commission as it is and I’ll take the money.

When the drawing / illustration is finished, I’ll send it by mail and that would be it.

Sobre el trabajo que hago



Yo hago  ARTE DIGITAL (Generalmente con Photoshop o SAI)



(3) Gotico, dark, emo, terror, gore.

(4)Comic + Manga

(5)Mis Propios diseños de personajes con estilo personal

(6) YO no suelo trabajar yaoi (Peero…se puede llegar a un acuerdo)

(7)Si udsted busca otro tipo de estilo (Ej : realismo o abstracto) ,consultarme en cualquier caso sobre otro tipo de estilo.

(8) Retratos de famosos o esas cosas.

Atención! todos los trabajos son hechos a mi estilo manga-comic, por ejemplo si quieres

una Supergirl la haré pero en mi estilo de dibujo, aunque esto es negociable!!

¿Cómo pago?


PAYPAL : Me dejás plata en mi cuenta de paypal , yo te tengo que pasar mi correo y tu sigues los pasos para completar el pago

EFECTIVO : Esta opcion es solo válida para gente que vive en Argentina (Ciudad de Trelew,Rawson,Madryn o Gaiman), me pagas en persona y efectivo 🙂